My New View!


I did not think I’d be doing this, but here I am, starting a second bog!

Why on earth am I doing this?  Because I’ve been asked to, which is a lovely reason.  The folks over at my local Worthington, Minnesota newspaper, the Daily Globe (, asked if I’d be a part of this Area Voices blogging world, so how could I resist?

The view from our deck, into the back yard.

Some of the things I post will be the same as on, but they won’t necessarily be posted at the same time – in other words, I may be re-writing old “epiphany” posts (perfecting them, if you will!) or I may be writing things that are a wee bit more local in nature as would interest the Daily Globe audience.

I am not “sponsored by”, endorsed, or otherwise supported by the Globe…however, it may be that they’ll find certain posts to be publishable, which would be rather nice!

So…onwards and upwards!

Well…out here on the prairie there’s nothing much that’s “up” besides the grain elevators and barn silos.

(The view from the way back of our property. Complete with silos!)

That’s why, when we moved out to “the country” 6.5 years ago, we were so thrilled with our location…there are actually hills out here!  Small hills, maybe, compared to the hills of the Pacific Northwest where I grew up, but hills nonetheless.

I love hills.  (Though not as much as I love mountains!)  I don’t love to climb them, perhaps, though they are a lot of fun to coast down on a bicycle!  I love to get a little perspective, to gain a little ground so as to improve my view.

And that, my friends, is what I’ll be blogging about – my views – from my window, from my former windows, from my perspective.

I was born in Miami, Florida, though I grew up in Washington, Oregon, and West Berlin, Germany.  I currently live in Minnesota (and have for 17 years) but I also lived briefly in Wisconsin. I spent a summer in Thailand and have visited much of Europe as well as spending a memorable Thanksgiving in Tunisia.  Somewhere in there I spend a summer in Connecticut as well as various vacations in Pennsylvania.  All of these places have given me a lot of fodder for my viewpoints.  Not to mention a lot of knickknacks on my dusty shelves.

I look forward to sharing my view with you – from my window to yours!




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  1. Congratulations, Gretchen. I look forward to reading more of your writing as I’m already a fan of “A Fine Day for an Epiphany.” Having grown up in Redwood County in southwestern Minnesota, I’m always especially interested in writing based in my home region.

  2. I love the view from your window. How pretty is that! It’s so spacious and green. You’ve done so much traveling and been to so many places! My father worked for a few years in Racine, Wisconsin. Not sure if you’ve been there. I think it’s frozen over for much of the year. Looking forward to following you on your two blogs Gretchen.

    1. Thanks so much for being a part of things here!

      We love the view, too – the location was definitely what sold the house to us. I’ll have to post more deck-view shots in the future!

      I don’t think I’ve been to Racine, which is further south than where I lived, but yes, much of the year it is indeed frozen…though this year not so much.

      I haven’t traveled nearly as much in recent years as I did back when my dad was a pilot for Pan Am. But as the kids get older…hopefully will again!!!

    1. We do have a fantastic yard, I agree! Thank you! However, this time of year it is far less enticing…unless you like cold and snow. Just about to post pics. of how it looks now…

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