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  1. Would the aliens take me? Depends on the day and which room they toured. Basement? Definitely, yes, I would be beamed into their spaceship in a flash.

    Interesting that you should write about handwriting as this was a topic of discussion with two artists I met on Sunday at the Arts Center in Saint Peter. I wrote a post several days ago (not published, but ready to go) that includes our discussion on the lost art of handwriting.

    Penmanship was drilled into my fingers during elementary school, so mine is quite legible. That said, most of my writing now days is done on the computer and, before it gets there, in my head.

    Another wonderful post, Gretchen.

  2. Thanks, Audrey. I am always so pleased when I see that my daughter’s printing is clear and neat! She isn’t too good at cursive yet, though. I write in a mix of the two! Not sure what a handwriting analyst would think of that! I love how beautiful some of the old fashioned handwriting looks. My hand just isn’t capable to doing that!

    I actually posted this on my other blog last August…and thought it would work over here, too. I look forward to reading your post!

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