Thank Goodness Dreams Don’t Come True

Recurring dreams are the weirdest. I don’t have many but I have a few.
I have, as any college graduate can attest to, the classic, “I’m late for/forgot entirely/can’t find my class” dreams. This dream is often located in a building I rarely entered during my time at the University of Oregon. Like a science building. Or the gym. I sometimes have the added twist that I am actually the teacher, and I can’t find my students. But most often, I am desperately running to take an exam for a class I never attended, yet I must pass in order to graduate.

I hate this dream.

The only good thing about it is waking up and realizing that I’m a big girl now, and even though my children appeared to be fellow-classmates (albeit very tiny ones) they are actually sleeping away in their beds and I am just an over-tired mama, trying not to push my personal issues onto my children.

I also have the dream where I can’t find the bathroom, or if and when I do find it, I can’t use it for some reason. The stall door is broken, for example, and I’m too embarrassed to use the toilet because the bathroom is full of people. Or there is a huge window in the bathroom and lots of people are milling about just outside the window and the curtain is broken. This is a very good dream in that it keeps me from wetting my bed. Which, at age 42, would be a real bummer.

I wake up from this dream and literally RUN to the potty.

The other major recurring dream I have is that my teeth are falling out. Every time I dream this, the scenario is slightly different, but the outcome is the same: my teeth fall out in huge clumps, tens and tens of them. Way more than any person could possibly have in their mouth.

Imagine having handfulls of these things. Over and over. Dream after dream. Ugh.

Every time I dream this – EVERY TIME – I think (while still dreaming), “How can I have so many teeth? How can they all be falling out at the same time like this?”

And then, after a few more teeth fall, I think (I kid you not), “Well, it’s finally happening. I’ve dreamed it a million times and now it’s actually real.”

EVERY TIME. You’d think I could maybe have this thing figured out by now. But no.

I have read several theories about teeth falling out dreams. I think they’re all nonsense. I know exactly what my teeth falling out dream means.

It means I’m breathing with my mouth open.

It’s as simple as that.

Actually, I began having this dream back when I had braces and my teeth hurt. Now, I wake up from this dream and my mouth is a desert and I’ve probably been snoring, too.

So don’t give me any psychoanalysis. Don’t tell me I’m having issues with my spouse that I’m “refusing to bite into”. Don’t tell me that I’m having feelings of loss or of humiliation or fear of change. Or that I’m feeling a “sense of powerlessness.”

I just need to shut my mouth.

And that, my friends, is good advice for me even when I’m awake.

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  1. Jenny

    I have the bathroom one also, a little different dream maybe, but the reason for it is the same! The brain is an amazing thing, or the subconscious part anyway. My brain, when I’m awake, seems to be losing things lately!

  2. I wish I can do what C. can do, which is tell himself – while dreaming – “This is just a dream”…but I can’t do that! Instead I do the, “It’s finally happening for real” thing! Yes, the brain is amazing…and also rather odd!

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