Pelicans On Lake Bella

My Minnesota bird book doesn’t think that we have pelicans in this state. And, while it’s true that I live about 20 seconds – on foot – from Iowa, I do still reside in Minnesota…and so do these pelicans on Lake Bella!

These are, I believe, American White Pelicans. And, I’m sure anyone living in Worthington has seen them on Lake Okabena in town. On Lake Bella and Lake Ocheda, however, they stick around all summer…which is terribly fun, I think!

I hope you enjoy this sure sign of spring!

They're back!

Aren't they fun?

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  1. Yes! I could! They’re kinda skittish…they flew farther off when I closed my car door.

    Ah, yes – the background that I was stuck with is a bunch of farm equipment lying around…not sure why/whose it is…but there’s nothing I could do about it!

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