The Sioux Falls Falls!

Last fall my family and I took a little jaunt over to Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Sioux Falls – on the Big Sioux River – are a many-layered falls, with something to be found for everyone on the vast grounds. Picnics, history, sand castles, water…outdoors…it’s fabulous.

It had been several years since we’d been there and my kids didn’t remember it at all.

They LOVED it.

If you haven’t been recently – or ever – get on over to Falls Park. It’s a lovely way to spend an hour or three – (the kids wanted to spend 4 or 5), it’s free, it’s pretty, it’s fun!

Sioux Falls!

There's even a little bit of history to be learned when you visit and explore the remains of the old buildings on site.

Something for everyone at the falls!
Climb the tower (or ride the elevator!) for a fantastic view!
The view from the tower.
Again with the view.
Nothing like basking in the spray of a waterfall!

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  1. Shirley Dykstra

    So when are you going there at night when they have their bodacious light show? Lovely/

    1. I’ve not done that – I’m sure it’s neat…but it just seems unnatural to me in such a NATURAL/NATURE setting, you know? I’m a little leary of it! We did go this winter, though, so I’ll post frozen waterfall pictures soon!! Maybe when it’s broiling hot and humid this July!

    1. As far as I know they were. It really is a neat place. I should have written more about the place and it’s history, but I couldn’t find much on line aobut it and it was too long ago for me to remember what all I read when we were there! But yes, the pictures alone tell a story. It’s a fantastic place for a picnic and truly my kids LOVED it.

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