The Windsurfing Regatta: My Favorite Local Event Of The Summer!

Even though I grew up on an island, I can’t swim. This may seem silly, but consider this: all the ponds and lakes were filled with algae, the ocean was cold and deep, and the only people who had swimming pools (and there weren’t very many of them) weren’t my friends. As for the couple of resorts that had pools, they were for guest-use only.

And so…I can’t swim.

I did take lessons once, at the lake at Moran State Park. I didn’t pass. The water was too gross. And I was too afraid.

Sunset on Friday evening...

And then there’s the time I took a swimming class in college with my best friend.

We both passed…but I’m not entirely sure how. I think I only did because I took it pass/no pass and I could at least stay afloat for a few minutes on my back. Couldn’t swim like a normal person worth beans, though…

But this deficiency in me does not mean I can’t appreciate watching a good water event like our Worthington Windsurfing Regatta.

This makes me smile. I really think it's cool

I love the regatta. I love watching the speed of the surfers on the lake. I love the way the waves crest beneath their boards as they skim the water. I love the way the sails all look like multi-colored May Flies resting on the surface of the lake.

A busy and fun place.

I also love walking along the normally-quiet sidewalk – the music and the friends and the feeling that this IS summer. It’s better than the fair, it’s better than Turkey Day. (Sorry if that offends anyone, but not growing up here, Turkey Day is just not nearly as great as it is for those of you who were born to such things as racing turkeys and sitting for an hours-long parade…not to mention the flying candy.)

I don’t know what, exactly, it is about the regatta that makes it my favorite local summer event. Perhaps it’s that it feels like the Pacific Northwest – the surfers, the Saturday Market idea (if you’ve been to Eugene, Oregon on a Saturday, you know what I mean), the relaxed atmosphere, the crowds. I never know what’s going on with the actual racing – who won, who did their best time, who crashed and burned – I just know that it’s a great place to watch a fast-paced sport, to hear fun music, to hang out.

The Windsurfing Regatta is a great part of Worthington, and I’m glad to live in a town that supports such an event – one that appeals to all sorts of people and all sorts of ages.

Even those who can’t swim.

Fun for all ages!

PS – if you want to read my more general report on the regatta, check out my other blog: A Fine Day For an Epiphany

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  1. I totally understand why you didn’t want to miss this, Gretchen. You make me want to attend next summer, and I can’t swim either. Yes, I took lessons. A (mean) swimming teacher who threatened to push me in the deep end of the pool if I didn’t jump in absolutely ruined any chance that I would ever learn to swim or like swimming.

  2. Yes, it really is a fun time – though I am also completely glad that we got to drive over to Faribault!! I forgot that I didn’t post on the other blog at the same time – so much for sending people over there if they wanted to read more – oh, well, now it’s up and is a little different!

    Yet another thing you and I have in common: Swimming…or, rather, not swimming!

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