Summertime Schmummertime (Oh, And The Blue Angels, Just For Fun)

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy…” NOT.

Obviously, George Gershwin did not live in the twenty-first century.

It’s not that I have the kids signed up for a million things. (Though the few things I do have them signed up for take up plenty of time and running around.) It’s just that having them home more means more mess to clean up, more meals to make, more times I have to stop at the gas station, etc., etc, etc.

More distractions, in short. For heaven’s sake, I was so distracted last night that I forgot to call my father for Father’s Day. And no, I didn’t send him a card.

Sorry, Dad.

Happened to capture this the other day driving past Mankato – it’s the Blue Angels! Okay, I guess summer is good for some things…

Summer also means more noise, more questions, more interruptions.

All of which means less time to write.

My youngest (aka “Boo”) goes off to kindergarten this fall and, unlike some moms, this is not going to cause me grief. I mean, yes, I’ll probably cry a wee bit – I am fully expecting that – but then, as the taillights of my husband’s car disappear down our dirt road, taking the three kids to school, I plan on dancing a jig.

And I don’t dance.

That is how historic that moment will be in my life.

Does this make me sound terrible? I hope not. I mean, I love my kids and I love having them around and the house will feel empty and lonely without them. I know this to be true.

BUT…it will be quiet. I will not be constantly interrupted as I attempt to write, constantly asked questions, invited to tea parties, and told jokes that, frankly, make no sense but I’m obliged to laugh at.

NOW I ADMIT that I will miss all that – not just this fall but someday, when I’m older and gray (okay, older and grayer). I know that I will long for one more interruption, one more puppet show. It’s just that now, at this point in my life, I long for quiet. I long for a tidy house. I long for uninterrupted writing time when I can actually finish my manuscript (for the second time) and send it off to my (hopefully) agent.

Okay. Gotta go drive Boo to one event and Meep to another. Now you can laugh at me and tell me that the grass is greener, etc., etc.

All I know is the grass is positively sparkling on the September side of the fence, whereas over here in June…it’s turning brown.

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  1. Well, you know, the grass of August is looking quite green to me as we send our youngest off to college then. I expect I will shed a few tears, too. And, no you are not a terrible mom for thinking this way. You are, in fact, an excellent mom.

  2. Shoot, I don’t have any kids, and I feel the same way. It’s almost like we try to jam 12 months worth of activities into the summer months.

    So I’ll be ready for fall again — to get some peace and quiet!

    1. Ha! Isn’t that the truth. When living in MN, one has to make the most of the decent weather! Of course, today was too hot for me…again, that greener grass…uff da.

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