You Sank My Battleship!

Ah, the heady days of summer. When the kids start bickering and you start sweating the moment you walk out the door and the cats suddenly realize that if they just hang out around the birdfeeders their chances of a tasty lunch rise drastically.

Darn cats, anyway.

Boo, summersaulting through her summer.

Finally, this week, activities have slowed down. We’ve driven to camps, listened to bands, and tumbled and tucked our way through gymnastics. More lies ahead, but for a few days at least, we can breathe a little more easily, sleep in a little longer.

The trouble, of course, with less running around, means that there’s more time for boredom. My mom used to tell me that only boring people get bored.

I did not appreciate that.

I think, perhaps, that’s it’s not so much boring people/boring minds, but more the fault of laziness. As an adult, I’m never bored. Not ever, I don’t think. But as a kid – and my kids are the same as I was – I know that I would be too lazy to get up and find something to do so I’d just sit there and whine.

The middle school band, rehearsing their “Star Wars” song. I’m particularly fond of one of the tuba players.

As a mother, having offered idea after idea to fill their time, I am faced with several options. 1) Do the suggested activity with them…this always adds to their willingness to do anything, or 2) Holler, or 3) Put up with the whining, or finally, 4) Get so fed up with them that I banish them from my sight.

There may be other options but by that time I’m usually praying for school to miraculously begin early and all I can think about is how willing God might be to answer my prayer.

Today I chose option 1. I have played Battleship (and won by the skin of my teeth), I have gone “Fishin’”, I have made up stories with story cubes, and I have played with cats in the heat and the humidity until I needed a shower – in other words, in about 5 seconds.

Hmmmm…the shower…always a good hide-out option. Maybe I should play games with my kids more often…

Meep, hard at work.

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