The Very Hungry Heron

So as I was driving home the other afternoon, low and behold, a Great Blue Heron was standing RIGHT BY THE EDGE OF THE WATER with a fish in his beak!



BUT…the car frightened him. And he flew away.

No problem!!! I’ve got a good lense!!!


He flew away…but not too far.

Preparing for the feast.

Gotta get the proper grip.

Isn’t it cool? Well…not for the fish, I suppose.

It’s a process…

You can still see the buldge…just a little!

A very satisfied tummy.

2 thoughts on “The Very Hungry Heron

  1. We were watching some nature video last night and I could not bear to look when the polar bear was pawing for a seal. Little seal escaped. Yeah. But then a wolf caught a duck and I slapped my hand across my eyes and told Randy, “Tell me when this part is over.” I struggle with watching survival of the fittest scenes. But I think I could possibly have handled the blue heron catching fish, especially when it meant a nice photo op. Nice nature photography, “I always carry my camera” Gretchen.

  2. I definitely am learning to have it with me always! It would have been nice if he’d stayed closer, but still, it worked out! Yes, I’m not a fan of watching small creatures be torn up either, that’s for sure. But the main thing this left me wondering was, “How do birds digests the fish bones?!”

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