The First Day Of Kindergarten

It’s too quiet in the car. There’s no little voice singing in the back seat. There are no questions, comments, observations, distracting me as I drive. No requests for Tic Tacs, Kleenex, opinions on made-up tunes. I can put on my music as loudly as I want.

But somehow I don’t want it loud. Somehow none of the stations I pick make me happy.

The very first day. In the rain. A little nervous…but VERY excited!

There is no small body hanging on to the end of my grocery cart. No tiny voice asking me for cupcakes. No suggestions about cheese, soda pop, cereal. No wee girl begging to go see the lobsters in their tank.

But I want to see the lobsters.

The Buddy Box. This is the daytime home of “Buddy”…Boo’s precious blanket. On the first day of school Buddy went to class and stayed in the backpack all day. But on the next two days…into the box she went. She even has a pillow and, of course, a blanket, to make her comfy.
On the second day of school they read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and learned about racoons!

There are no new toys on the floor. No clothes being changed five times a day, no snacks, treats, or meals being requested every time I turn around. There is no one to help me fold the clothes. No one to help me carry in the groceries. No one to water the plants with me, stir the pasta with me, read books with me. There is no one to wait by the bathroom door.

Everything is wrong.

On the first day she came home, changed her clothes…and fell asleep on the couch before dinner!

For 13 years I have put in my time, knowing that someday my time would be my own again.

Now that it’s here I think I want it all back.

I did not think that I would cry.

I was wrong.

Meep’s first day of 5th grade. All three of them began on different days…so I took a general “first day” shot with everyone.