Girl Scout Writers – Part One

For several years I have had the privilege of co-leading my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. The girls are in the 4th and 5th grades now and – if you’re interested – are busy selling cookies!

But that’s not why I’m writing about them. I’m writing about them because we’ve been doing a writing badge – and they’ve discovered that writing can be hard work!

Part of my incentive for them to write was a promise that I would post one of their pieces here on my blog. I should clarify that this was an incentive for some…and a “de-centive” (that ought to be a word) for others…though, me thinks, that the ladies who fussed about it did protest a little too much.

So I give you the first of my (anonymous) Girl Scouts writings – reproduced exactly as she wrote it, without correction.


Top Hat – by S., grade 4

Flat and tall and black as coal,
accsesorizing feather shows a lot of soul.
Leathery soft and a velvet brim,
the brushing against the mad hatter’s wig.
Smells like a tap dancer’s daisy-scented bangs,
taste’s like the metal on the hook it hangs.

5 Responses

  1. I think you have a poet there as this poem shows thought and attention to detail and engaging of more than the visual sense. Well done, poet and teacher. I think this is a grand idea to teach creative writing to Girl Scouts.

  2. I was impressed, too – at the bottom of the page she wrote, “taste, touch, smell, sight, sound” – so obviously she was wanting to include all of those things. I like, too, that she didn’t stick with “reality” but used her imagination.

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