Girl Scout Writers – Part Two

This is the second post of my third and fourth grade Girl Scout troop’s writing contributions. I have not made any corrections. The girls had five different writing assignments to earn their badge. Some were reports, some were journals, some were creative writing. Keep in mind, Girl Scouts is not responsible for TEACHING writing…we’re just trying to get them interested in it by giving them a chance to try a little outside of their usual classroom. Most of the girls enjoyed the badge…I think…though my own daughter has not yet finished her work. No pressure from Mom, or anything.

This report was written by one of the girls who has completed her badge: L.


On my trip to MALL OF AMERICA I went with my friend, P., her mom K., my mom and me. First day we went to my mom’s other friends house and stayed the night. Then in the morning we left and headed towards the cites again when arrived my friend P’s house we stayed there for a couple minutes and then went to the MALL OF AMERICA and wend on the rides and my favorite was the Pepsi rollercoaster except my seat belt was not on tight and I held on to it the whole time to the belt and it hurt on the part on the when we were almost upside down and it was crazy stomach bruise. Then there was this other ride that you went up in the air then it dropped you and it caught you at the bottom so you don’t hit the ground. And then we went on the octopus which is a ride that has eight arms and it has seats at the end of each arm so we sat in the seat and it went around in circles and it looked like we were going to hit the people in front of us. Then we went to our hotel room and got our swim suits on and swam for while and then we went to this place called the ice castle and it was an actual ice castle that was entirely made of ice and it was pretty cool and they had lights in them which was even cooler that it was glowing and in the night it’s pretty cool we even went inside it. The next day we went home. That was an awesome weekend.