King Turkey Day Photos!

Despite the rain (ironic timing after a summer of praying for the stuff), we turned out with our sweatshirts and blankets to line 10th Street in downtown Worthington, Minnesota. It’s King Turkey Day! And that means a parade.

My friends Mike and Stacy Smith hard at work driving their custom-designed Worthington Smith Trucking truck!

Well…someone has to clean up after the horses!

District 518’s Teacher of the Year: Suzy Brandner!

Too much excitement for this wee one. Neither rain nor noise could keep her awake!

Rain is no match for a candy-hungry kiddo!

I love these old engines!

Worthington’s super cool gigantic fire truck. This truck saw service in the 9/11 tragedy, as I recall. (Worthington bought it used.) And now it fits perfectly in our new fire station!

Always gotta get a photo of the guys who will hopefully never have to save my house!

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  1. She got enough to share with her sister and brother, that’s for sure! And I even had a Tootsie Roll or two. 🙂 Last year we got no candy at all since we were in the parade with the Girl Scouts and usually we come away with very little. Somehow this year the planets aligned for her to get a bag full. Perhaps the rain had something to do with it. And, in fact, it will most likely be either shared with friends or tossed pretty quickly because it’s all a little damp…which doesn’t make for good eats. But we had fun! And yes, the parade is fun – especially when watched with a friend.

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