I am a writer, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend.  I am writing a book – which is a far bigger job than I ever imagined.  I write because I am compelled.  I blog because I enjoy it!

I was born in Miami, Florida, though I grew up in Washington, Oregon, and West Berlin, Germany.  I currently live in Minnesota (and have for 17 years) but I also lived briefly in Wisconsin. I spent a summer in Thailand and have visited much of Europe as well as spending a memorable Thanksgiving in Tunisia.  Somewhere in there I spend a summer in Connecticut as well as various vacations in Pennsylvania.  All of these places have given me a lot of fodder for my viewpoints.  Not to mention a lot of knickknacks on my dusty shelves.

Why do I tell you all this?  I suppose because it’s who I am – though now, mostly, I’m just a stay at home mom who says “yes” to too many volunteer options and “no” to anything that takes away my writing time.

It is with these perspectives that I will be blogging – I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

Gretchen O’Donnell

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  2. Hi Gretchen –

    I too lived in Berlin and went to the same High school – and have many of the same memories (except the bathroom lunches) that you did. The years in Berlin and the memories of High School there are some of the best ~ I too, am a writer – a Mom – Single – and wish I had more time for writing and drawing.

    I stumbled on your blog – but was glad to read the thoughts you shared.

    Which years were you there? I was there 1974 to Summer of 1977 – came back to the United States and Graduated in Maryland June 1980.

    Best regards –

    1. OH, how lovely! I’m so glad that you found me! Living in Berlin was a fantastic experience – it’s such an amazing city. I was there from 1986-1988, although my parents were there another two years. If you’re interested, I have more Berlin posts – and pictures from my visit there two years ago – on my other blog: http://www.afinedayforanepiphany.wordpress.com

      Thanks so much for leaving your message! Please come on by again! Gretchen

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